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Category:IT Technology
Posted on November 12, 2022.

Kasa Smart - protecting your property
Kasa Smart - protecting your property. A camera can often be useful. Which camera can vi buy? Is th
e price crucial when we want to get one? Everyone has probably been thinking about how to protect[...]

Written by: Magazine Team
Category:Economy/Business The World Lifestyle
Posted on November 6, 2022.

Salomon together with Strava
Salomon together with Strava. If you use Strava for your running experience then you have different
challenges. Let us investigate our opportunities. Business and pleasure - that is not always so [...]

Written by: Magazine Team
Category:The World
Posted on October 31, 2022.

Who is the bad guy - again?
Who is the bad guy - again? We have written a similar article before and now we are there again. So
metimes it is needed especially when there are noticeable changes in the world. Our world is expe[...]

Written by: Magazine Team
Category:Lifestyle Reportage
Posted on October 25, 2022.

Dreaming about marathon
Dreaming about marathon. Kilometers are easy to count but balancing strength and harmony of a body
becomes more difficult for every new kilometer that comes after the endurance limit. The challeng[...]

Written by: A.Beganovic
Category:Cocktails & Wine
Posted on October 13, 2022.

Scheiblhofer white wine from Burgenland
Scheiblhofer white wine from Burgenland. We have written about several white wines and this one was
different. We can not tell you for sure what food or snacks this wine can fit but let us check it o[...]

Written by: Magazine Team
Category:Internet IT
Posted on October 19, 2022.

PHP 8 pushes PHP 7 away
PHP 8 pushes PHP 7 away. What is new in PHP 8 if we compare it to PHP 7? In one earlier article fro
m this year we described a kind of problem and also what is changed. When PHP gets developed it a[...]

Written by: IT Team
Category:Internet IT
Posted on October 7, 2022.

Windy - a very useful website and app
Windy - a very useful website and app. We probably found it when we searched for some wind directio
n information. Now we want to present it for you. It is not always we can see useful websites and[...]

Written by: Magazine Team
Posted on October 1, 2022.

How much water do we need?
How much water do we need? Let's assume that we are talking about one day. What affects our needs a
nd how is it when we run? Our existence requires water and our activities can affect that need. H[...]

Written by: Magazine Team
Category:TV Media Journalism
Posted on September 13, 2022.

Scream (2022) - the Ghostface is back
Scream (2022) - the Ghostface is back. Do you remember the original Scream movies? What kind is thi
s version then? The phone rings in Woodsboro and it is unknown number. When the girl answers the [...]

Written by: Magazine Team
Category:Cities The World Reportage
Posted on September 25, 2022.

Sweden and me - 30 years of love
Sweden and me - 30 years of love. In August 2022 was my 30th anniversary in Sweden. As a Swedish ci
tizen I am happy to publish something like this and I hope that everyone will enjoy reading. Living [...]

Written by: A.Beganovic
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