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Written by: Magazine Team on April 5, 2023.

Do I have Covid-19 every time I feel sick or cold?

Do I have Covid-19 every time I feel sick or cold? Let us do a short but realistic analysis and see what we can conclude.

When a person is in middle age it is easy to notice and understand changes. The life length makes it possible to use the whole life experience to identify some change because we can see specific deviations.

Can that statement be applied to the newly experienced pandemic period? How did Covid-19 affect people and what do we possibly have learned from it?

Each one of us hopefully knows the own body and its health. We can easily claim that the statement above can be applied in the case of the Covid-19 period. Can we somehow explain it?

We can underline two things. They are taste and smell senses. Those who experienced Covid-19 have in many cases this in common: Their taste and smell senses were affected and changed during a short or long period.

Do I have Covid-19 every time I feel sick or cold? The image is from pixabay.com.

According to an experience from a 42 years long life we can explain like this:

We can not remember that the taste and smell senses were affected in sick conditions like they are when having Covid-19. Maybe there were some smaller deviations but it was not experienced as something annoying.

A new part of our lives

During the first three years after the beginning of 2020 the situation became different. In several cases of cold or flu we have been able to confirm that affected person had changes in at least the smell sense. What does that tell us?

Can we now allow ourselves this question:
- Do I have Covid-19 every time I feel sick or cold?

Well, if we assume that changes in taste and smell senses are not a property of a standard cold and flu, we can at least say that Covid-19 seems to be a new part of our lives. Regardless if we are right or not in this article, our short but realistic analysis might have some value anyways.

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