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Written by: Magazine Team on September 2, 2023.

Darcey and Nieve - reading on vacation

Darcey and Nieve - reading on vacation. What happens when friendship becomes exposed to some sensitive circumstances during the upbringing?

You probably have seen people reading a book on the beach or in some park. They read and stare in the book and you think why do they do so. We actually decided to try that out.

On the bookshelf we found a pocket book (Den jag ville ha - The one I wanted) and decided to take it with us on the vacation. The book was bought many years ago on a similar trip. Probably on the ferry between Germany and Denmark.

Who are Darcey and Nieve? What is their story? Well, let us try to write something attractive so we make you curious. The book is written by Sheila O`Flanagan who wanted to make a story about two independent business women.

Darcey and Nieve - reading on vacation. Who are Darcey and Nieve?

Darcey and Nieve met each other as two young girls in the neighborhood. They spend much time together and became good friends. Maybe even the best friends. But their friendship became exposed to some sensitive circumstances during their upbringing.

They both worked with finances and business development and people maybe could experience them as two similar persons. From the first start of their friendship Nieve looked at Darcey as a very smart person but on the other side Darcey experienced Nieve as someone who really was brave and did everything to get what she wanted.

This story is a story about two friends who suddenly become two rivals. We will not reveal how everything ends but we can recommend this book as a book for vacation. Instead of just looking ahead of you while resting on the beach or your terrace you can try to follow the story about these two friends, their lives and their conflicts.

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