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Written by: IT Team on February 23, 2016.

Stop Spam API - the WordPress plugin

Stop Spam API or StopSpamAPI - the WordPress plugin. Easy to use and easy to reinstall. Protects your WordPress comment form against boring and spammy comments. The Swedish company Begacom IT Business has now launched a new and improved version of the anti-spam protection for WordPress. stopspamapi The image show us that this new version allows the the user to create a security code to protect the comment form.   Comparing to the versions before this one allows you to manage the plugin's own security. The plugin works basically on the same way as before as it is an API but it is decided that the users should be registered at Justfindit.se there day also can use the online search tool for their websites.   What is good? The plugin is easy to use and easy to reinstall. It protects your WordPress comment form against boring and spammy comments which is very useful. You do not have to check all incoming comments and remove them as without this plugin. askels-spam All WordPress users should recognize this kind of spammy comments. The StopSpamAPI plugin stops them.   What could be better? Actually there is nothing that we can say is missing. Maybe a database that collects and filters the different type of comment types. As the plugin works as intended the filers are not important but they maybe will be implemented in some new version.   Has it been tested? Yes. The tests show that the spammy comments stop coming after the plugin is installed and activated. The tests also show that the plugin, in its original form, does not help any user who is not registered at Justfindit.se website. mark-spam If you are not registered at Justfindit.se the similar spam will probably continue coming.   Take care of your WordPress comment form. Use the StopSpamAPI - the WordPress plugin !

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