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About this magazine

We started the magazine in 2014 - when we published the first article:  The history about Justfindit.se .

It was exciting to  begin writing in the magazine. Today when we have many published articles we can see how the magazine has become developed and how it still is growing.

From the beginning the idea was to create some kind of magazine connected to the Justfindit.se website and its own database but it has not been so. We can find different articles from different sources online which is very good.

The goal is to make this magazine much bigger than it is today so if someone is interested in writing some articles about something it would be great to get some new authors. Together we could make it grow faster!

And of course, the content in some articles in this magazine maybe can be recognized from some other sources but hopefully the reader will be able to experience it from an another point of view. Brainwashing is something that we are trying to avoid in this magazine. Free and clear thinking in combination with science are the key words!

For your information: We now have a chat in this Magazine. You can see the link for opening the chat below every article and you can open and participate in any discussion you find.

We hope that you all are enjoying when you read it. 

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