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Written by: IT Team on June 6, 2014.

Bratislava hackers

Are they from Bratislava or are they from some another city? Their method of behaving on Internet is bad, destructive and very disrespectful. The ip number shows that the attacks come from an ISP in Slovakia, the capital Bratislava, Vnet S. R. O.  but that does not mean that they really are from Bratislava. Many hackers use VPN methods to show some another IP number which means that "the bad guys" can be anyone. In this case their behavior looks like some attempt to overload the server by using a very long string in the online form post or attempt to reach forbidden data in the database. However, if your sql queries are not protected then the risk of getting the website destroyed with SQL injection attacks is very big. Below you can see how their input code can look like and that can be dangerous for your database. db2db The images show some samples of the code sent in attempt to do a SQL injection. What exactly these hackers want to do is not clear in all cases. It can be their fun game or some kind of test but it can also be some serious attempt to get your data and destroy your online system. If you notice a repeating behavior on the website you can try to stop it by using some captcha protection or simply block the source ip number with .htaccess on your web space. Blocking the ip is not always the best solution but temporarily it should prevent some possible attacks that can disturb your own activities online.

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