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Written by: Magazine Team on November 6, 2021.

MontGras Quatro - a wine from Chile

MontGras Quatro - a wine from Chile. Let us look at this white wine from Chile. How does it taste? Does it remind us of some other wine?

The first weekend in November is here. We have got a new opportunity to taste a new wine. This time we have given a chance to a white wine from Chile. Very boring cold weather does not really allow us doing this while sitting outside. However nothing stops us to take a glass or two inside. It is also possible on the glazed balcony if you warm it up a little.

Chile is one of several popular wine producing countries in the World. They have different wines such as red wines Santa Helena and Sunrise among others.

Now, let us look at this white wine. We opened the bottle with interesting image on. Can we say that this wine belongs to better ones? Do we find the taste attractive?

MontGras Quatro - a wine from Chile. We served it cold as it was recommended on the bottle. Was it drinkable?

According to the description it has yellow color with golden hues and it reveals balance between body, freshness and acidity. Our first glass gave feeling of a regular white wine. We served it cold just to try something different.
Later on the taste started to remind of Casillero del Diablo wine which is also from Chile. And according to our earlier article, that one did not give some special experience.

This wine, MontGras Quatro, contains 14% alcohol and therefore it maybe feels more difficult to drink.

Food then? Probably it fits good with meat, chicken as it says on the bottle, but also fish. It should also be good with just some regular snacks or some salad. In most occasions it should be drinkable.

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