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Written by: Magazine Team on January 11, 2022.

Will vaccinated forbid the existence of unvaccinated?

Will vaccinated forbid the existence of unvaccinated? However, vaccinated people think that unvaccinated people do not deserve medical help.

It is now almost two years since Covid-19 pandemic started. We all remember how it was from the beginning. Many things changed. One thing developed fast and with success. Working from home. People who had opportunity to work from home were partly protected against this nasty Coronavirus. However the protection was not perfect.

Not all, but many people learned to understand that three things are important. Cleaning or washing hands, using face mask and keeping a distance to other people. That is three very simple rules.

In 2021 vaccination started. Many people decided to get vaccinated, but many people decided to wait or try to never take any of available vaccines.

As we know, no one of all vaccines is 100% safe and no one is perfect. They can cause strange and in some cases dangerous side effects. Unfortunately, the vaccine companies seem not to be responsible for problems with health or death caused by the vaccines. That is why not everyone trusts vaccines and their creators. That is why people are afraid and careful.

Nowadays, it is being propagated for vaccination through different sources. In social medias some vaccinated people accuse unvaccinated people for spreading virus. They also indirectly accuses unvaccinated people for doing hospitals too crowded and nurses and doctors overloaded with work.

Will vaccinated forbid the existence of unvaccinated? The image is from pixabay.com.

Vaccinated vs unvaccinated

A doctor and nurse must do everything to help every human being. However some vaccinated people think that unvaccinated people do not deserve medical help. Their existence maybe should become very limited.

The situation reminds on the one in the heart of Europe just before and during the 2nd World War. Nowadays, politicians and social media are contributing to limiting the unvaccinated people. That is creating a very serious problem and danger in our societies. Maybe one day they will request for transporting unvaccinated people to some special and isolated areas if the pandemic continues.

It seems to be important that doctors and nurses have time for everything else but to help unvaccinated people. And it seems to be OK to force people to something that can be harmful or deadly.

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