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Written by: Magazine Team on January 17, 2022.

Gazela - Vinho verde

Gazela - Vinho verde. This European white wine attracted our attention. We will now describe it and explain what other wines it reminds of. What do they have in common?

Now it is time again. We are presenting a short and nice article about one more white wine. It is a young, light, fresh and floral wine from Portugal. With a cool colorful bottle it attracted our attention so we decide to buy it.

The wine is recommended to be served chilled. It contains 8,5% alcohol and the taste is great which makes this wine very drinkable. We actually held the bottle in the refrigerator just to make sure that the temperature will be as recommended.

Maybe it can be easy to feel lost in all different tastes of wine but in this situation it was not so. We can say that this wine has some similarities with German Hugo and Hungarian Lollipop. All three are now mentioned in our magazine. We have to admit that all three are easy to drink and they offer a refreshing taste. One more thing connects them: All three are from Europe.

Gazela - Vinho verde, a young, light, fresh and floral wine from Portugal with taste like Hugo or Hungarian Lollipop.

However, when the wine was served it was very tasty. We enjoyed the flavour but not too long. The bottle maybe looks like it is like all others but it is not. From this bottle we got three glasses only. In others it can be 4 glasses. Maybe we took too much wine in the each glass so it affected the total amount of wine.

Finally we did not have any food or snacks this time so we enjoyed the wine without anything. We can easily drink it again and we also recommend it to everyone.

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