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Written by: Magazine Team on May 10, 2022.

Face mask in 2022 - smart or silly?

Face mask in 2022 - smart or silly? How is it now when the pandemic is over? Let us see what an experienced train passenger says about that.

During 2020 and 2021 we heard about different recommendations. In some cases they were also important rules. But in all cases they helped people to protect themselves.

It was a very sensitive and also dangerous period. Two years of living with a nasty virus was a very exhausting time. Do you remember it nowadays? Coronavirus killed many people. It also affected human lives and health.

Sweden is a country where people did not experience hard restrictions as other European countries. Many people ignored all recommendations. Using a face mask is one of three very easy and smart recommendations. But we have people who ignored them.

Face mask in 2022 - smart or silly? We do not know what kind of people and viruses are around us.

How is it nowadays? We decided to ask one of the train passengers who lives in Sweden and works in Denmark about that.

”People actually never cared about the recommendations so much. They actually should have been exposed to the strict rules in countries like France and Austria. Our soft rules in Sweden contributed to a huge disrespect in different cases.”

And how is it now when the pandemic is over? The person we asked seems to be almost the only one with a face mask on the train. Is that something smart or silly?

”Well, I still use it. I do not know what kind of people and viruses are on the train. I think this is a smart way of protecting myself.”

However it sounds very reasonable. The Coronavirus still exists but it is not as dangerous and active as before. On the other side the pandemic learned us that face mask can protect us. So, it maybe is smart to use it in closed spaces with many people such as a train, bus or even a shopping center. It could maybe also protect us against the most common colds and flu.

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