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Written by: Magazine Team on June 3, 2022.

Freelancing and contact establishing

Freelancing and contact establishing. Let us check if professional freelancers do understand the value of establishing honest contact. How do they use social medias for that?

Working as a freelancer is nice when it goes as expected. Sometimes people think it is easy but it is not so. In most cases it is very important to have a good and developed contact network. It can help. But also using social medias such as Facebook is a good idea.

However there are no warranties and you can never know if and how your contacts or social medias will help. We have noticed an interesting case at Facebook. It is about different work projects that can be visible in some freelancer groups.

The case we noticed was just a simple connection between one freelancer and two other freelancers who needed help with some work. What happened?

Well, in both cases the contact was established and everything looked like a good start of a cooperation but also a good future opportunity. The communication was done in written form via Facebook messenger. Then nothing happened. No work was started. The freelancer who offered help just noticed how he was ignored after excuses like: I will get back to you as soon as this or this is over.

Freelancing and contact establishing. Professional freelancers should know how. The image is from pixabay.com.

Why do you establish contact?

The question is: Why do you establish contact and give a feeling of you being interested when you actually do not care? If you absolutely are not interested in any kind of cooperation then just make it clear from the first start. Just as simple as this:

I am sorry but I already have found another solution. Thank you anyway!

So, Facebook and probably other social medias can put anyone in similar situation. It is nothing wrong with this perfect tool but the users seem to be just any kind of people. As professional freelancers they should understand the value of establishing honest contact and just try to avoid giving a false hope. Social medias should be used in a professional way.

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