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Written by: Magazine Team on September 13, 2022.

Scream (2022) - the Ghostface is back

Scream (2022) - the Ghostface is back. Do you remember the original Scream movies? What kind is this version then?

The phone rings in Woodsboro and it is unknown number. When the girl answers the conversation starts. First it sounds like a pleasant one but smoothly it goes over to a familiar version with questions like these: What’s your favorite scary movie? Have you seen Stab? Would you like to play a game Tara?

Tara gets attacked with a knife and her phone continues stressing her. The murderer with Ghostface mask stabs her with a knife several times but she survives according to the phone call in the next movie scene.

Do you remember the old Scream movies? What kind is this one then? Is it like ”to be continued” version or something else?

Scream (2022) - The guests we can proudly mention are Gale, Billy, Sidney and Dewey. The image is from pixabay.com.

However it is aboutttt a group of friends just like before but they are a new young generation. They get hunted by a Ghostface mask murderer just like Tara in the start scenes of the movie.

But who is he? Or who is she? Unfortunately it does not appear so obvious during the movie. What is very obvious is that the Ghostface is always there. And it is invincible. Ghostface survives in every fight and there is no chance to remove the mask during the fight.

Who are the guest actors in this Scream and why are they chosen? Well we can proudly mention Gale, Billy, Sidney and Dewey. They are all from the old Scream series and the young people in this one are obsessed with Stab series. There must be a connection between new and previous roles but one thing is absolutely in common: Ghostface in Woodsboro.

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