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Written by: Magazine Team on October 7, 2022.

Windy - a very useful website and app

Windy - a very useful website and app. We probably found it when we searched for some wind direction information. Now we want to present it for you.

It is not always we can see useful websites and apps but they exist. This time we found one which can be useful particularly for the sea weather forecast. How did we find it? Why did we keep it?

Unfortunately it is not clear how we found Windy but it must have happened when we searched for some wind direction information. We noticed some good things with this app and decided to keep it as a reliable one. So the first impression was very important in this case.

First of all the app shows wind direction and speed. Then it shows places with web cameras. Those things are perfect if we want to go for a boat tour or windsurfing. We can see how the weather is and we can make a decision.

Windy - a very useful website and app. The screenshot is taken from an Windy app in iPhone. Check it out: www.windy.com.

Windy also presents basic information about rain, thunder, temperature and the quality of the air. There is also good information about waves and in which direction they move. This website and app is actually one of the better ones. We can not say that it belongs to the best ones but it can for sure contribute with very good information.

We could say that this app has some similarities with Bergfex Wetter app which gives us details about temperature and shows us live web cameras. Windy is though more useful especially for our activities on the sea or lakes.

However, there are no observed problems or bugs with Windy and since it is practical and useful we can easily recommend it.

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