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Written by: Magazine Team on October 31, 2022.

Who is the bad guy - again?

Who is the bad guy - again? We have written a similar article before and now we are there again. Sometimes it is needed especially when there are noticeable changes in the world.

Our world is experiencing a very dynamical development nowadays. It is not a development as we would like to see. Normally people are happy when something positive is on the way to happen. Improvements in our lifestyle are always welcome.

The political situation has become very hard. We can see double standards in the modern world. Especially in the west there are values like: It is OK if we do something that we think is right but it is absolutely not OK if others do so. Those double standards are very dangerous and they actually can put us all in danger.

Why can the richest and big countries decide what is right and wrong? We have written an article before: Who is the bad guy? and now we can see that we are back there again. Same place and same participants in the crisis.

Who is the bad guy - again? Our world experiences a dynamical development nowadays. The image is from pixabay.com.

Every normal and healthy human being thinks that any war is sad and horrible but people have their basic rights to express themselves and their thoughts in that kind of situation. We have to be careful and be aware of dirty brainwashing that comes directly from politicians and different subjective medias.

Who is the bad guy - again? Let us give you a free and independent answer: Probably the strong one who can force other guys to think what it is allowed to think. Otherways you can be exposed for sanctions and other dirty political games. It seems to be forbidden to remain neutral because it is almost impossible to survive all pressure.

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