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Written by: Magazine Team on November 6, 2022.

Salomon together with Strava

Salomon together with Strava. If you use Strava for your running experience then you have different challenges. Let us investigate our opportunities.

Business and pleasure - that is not always so obvious. If you want to make it possible then there are different ways of doing that. We have analyzed a very interesting method. It is about the relationship between Salomon and Strava.

We know Salomon as a sports brand but is is actually a French sports equipment manufacturing company. And then we know Strava as an app for runners. Well, what is interesting in their relationship?

If you use Strava for your running experience then you have different challenges. This app has its own standard monthly challenges and it also offers some others. Salomon Nation Running League is one of them. It is about running a marathon within one month. That gives you an opportunity to run 42.2 kilometers divided in several rounds during this period of time. The nice thing is that it stimulates your running and you do not feel any pressure because one month or four weeks is a pretty long period.

Salomon together with Strava - Here we can see the Salomon Nation Running League challenge.

After completing this challenge within one month you can get 20% discount on Salomon.com. This idea of business and pleasure is perfect. It actually can make people buy something from Salomon even though it is not necessary to buy it. It makes you willing to pay for something because your experience of succeeded challenge makes it attractive.

There might be a connection between success and the fact that you refresh your equipment when you get something new. It is just the way of doing it that makes it possible. Salomon together with Strava has created something that other businesses maybe wish to have.

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