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Written by: Magazine Team on December 12, 2022.

New look but same magazine!

New look but same magazine! In November 2022 we made a change. It should be visible but we will present it here for you.

Have you been following us through all years? Maybe you can remember our first look and then our second look. Our magazine is written in WordPress and that tool offers different themes. Unfortunately not every theme fits us. We have tried different but without success.

The first theme we used was interesting, simple and practical but we do not remember the name. It belongs to an older generation of themes. The reason why we stopped using it is unknown. Probably we just got inspired and attracted by the new one called Bloggr created by modernthemes. Bloggr had nice design and we actually liked it. Some of our readers also appreciated that look.

In November 2022 we stopped using that last theme because it was not compatible to PHP 8.0. Our magazine actually had to use PHP 7.4 until the last moment because we had difficulties finding a proper new theme. Also we did not get any information about available upgrades.

New look but same magazine! The menu and some other details are changed.

What happened at the end? Together with our partner Begacom IT Business we found a solution. This company does not create WordPress themes but it creates plugins and edit themes. In this case their creativity saved Justfindit.se Magazine as our project that lives since 2014. Besides that, Begacom IT Business also started a new project thanks to their idea about our solution.

What kind of solution Begacom IT Business actually offered will probably be mentioned and described in future articles because we follow their development. This time we just want to show how proud and thankful we are. Our Justfindit.se Magazine can still keep publishing new articles for you.

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