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Written by: Magazine Team on February 16, 2023.

Social medias steals you from you

Social medias steals you from you. Can addiction be devastating? Let us check what this article is trying to say.

Only 30 years back in time we lived under different conditions. We had a more natural life. Nowadays we live with some clicks regardless if it is mouse pointer or touch on smartphone screen. Now, the question is what are we trying to say?

Facebook as one of the social medias is a part of our lives. Not everyone but many of us who live with modern life technologies use it. That is why we write this article.

New and young generations have become possessed by yet newer platforms and it is scary to think how their lives will look like.

However, why do we have subject like this? What do we mean with social medias stealing you from you? With no intention to hurt or in any way smear any platform and its creator we just want to open people’s eyes.

Social medias steals you from you. The image is from pixabay.com.

You have one life and you are supposed to live it. It was so before we had Internet. It is so also now, but only for those people who know the limits. But how is it for those who do not have limits?

If we look at different posts from different users in Facebook we can conclude one thing. Some kind of addiction is present. Someone has always something to write regardless what it is and someone always writes about same thing but in different format.

It is obvious that addiction makes people focused on Facebook in this case. People spend a lot (if not too much) of their time on Facebook. The platform is almost perfect and it is useful but for some people it can be devastating if it creates an addiction.

So, regardless how happy you can feel when using social medias, the slowly but surely created addiction can take you from you. One day when you wake up you can wonder where your time disappeared. Were all those likes, posts, comments and other action or reactions worth your time?

Use social medias but carefully. You are still a human being who has a life in the free world rather than in a screen.

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