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Written by: Magazine Team on February 28, 2023.

Till Death - a thriller with Megan Fox

Till Death - a thriller with Megan Fox. Is this a movie that gives us a relaxing feeling of a nice romantic movie or is it something opposite?

Romantic night with passion, roses, high heels and champagne. The scenes look magic and maybe also wishful. Not every couple has opportunity to experience something like that. The movie presents us a man and woman celebrating their 11th anniversary of their marriage.

Even though it looks so natural and perfect we can see how everything turns into something opposite. Emma (Megan Fox) cheated on her husband and he, Mark (Eoin Macken) decided a revenge plot.

After celebrating the anniversary Emma wakes up handcuffed to her dead husband. Unable to unshackle, she has to survive as two killers arrive to finish her off.

Till Death - a thriller with Megan Fox. The screenshot is from YouTube.

Till Death is actually a thriller that gives us a relaxing feeling of a nice romantic movie from the first start scenes. We can though notice a certain presence of a strained relationship because Emma actually was distracted by her feelings for her lover. Mark was not that naive and his revenge was a tool to punish her.

The place was perfectly chosen since it was too far away from other societies. That could make Emmas chances to get found and taken to the safety very small. Mark planned it very well and during the movie we can notice that he was right. On the other side, those two man who wanted to kill her could have destroyed his perfect plan.

Till Death is an American movie from 2021 and it was shot in Bulgaria from August 6, 2020 to September 7, 2020. We can easily recommend it because it is pretty easy to follow without noticeable boring scenes.

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