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Written by: Magazine Team on February 22, 2023.

Martini Bianco - inspired by a movie

Martini Bianco - inspired by a movie. We just wanted to make something simple, tasty and fresh at the same time.

What do you actually like to drink? Besides all different articles about wine and Irish coffee we also wrote about Gin and fanta raspberry and Gin and juice. Those two are great and tasty cocktails where we mixed gin with two tasty drinks and created two great cocktails.

This time we actually got inspired by a Serbian movie The Fourth Man (Cetvrti covek). We decided to mix Martini Bianco with orange juice. Now you maybe wonder what connection we found between that movie and that drink. Well, have you seen The Fourth Man?

If yes, then you must remember a girl in the bar. She ordered Martini Bianco. That scene inspired us to try something different. Now when we have our cocktail we can enjoy it.

Well, are you curious about the taste and look? What have we created?

Martini Bianco - inspired by a movie. Do you recognize screwdriver?

This drink is not any new innovation and we did not really wanted to get there. We just wanted to make something simple, tasty and fresh at the same time. We created a screwdriver! Do you recognize the name?

We put some orange juice with some Martini Bianco and ice in a cocktail shaker. We shaked it vigorously and we got a fantastic cocktail. Finally we added two orange slices and it was like a final decoration of something simple, tasty and fresh at the same time.

Martini Bianco has a nice and elegant smell and taste. It is drinkable without any additives like orange juice in this case. It contains 15% alcohol like some stronger kind of wine. We only wanted to play a little and create something that could be drinkable without getting affected by alcohol too fast. It worked well and we are willing to recommend it.

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