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Written by: IT Team on March 12, 2023.

Contact Form 7 vs Contact Me Plugin

Contact Form 7 vs Contact Me Plugin. We are comparing those two plugins so let us check how they are in the real life.

Sometimes it is necessary to let some time go before we can be able to analyze some product or service. In this article we are writing about two different WordPress plugins. They are created for same kind of use but do they offer same quality?

We are comparing Contact form 7 created by WordPress developers and Contact Me Plugin developed by Begacom IT Business from Sweden. Let us take a look at the main functionality. Since they both are forms, they work properly because they can send emails without problems.

One thing that should be working properly is security. In this case we mean protection against spam. The Contact Me Plugin appears to be well protected. That is, our experience says that this plugin almost never let spam come through. Is that true? First we thought that the reason for that could be that the website was never visited. It is actually the plugin developer’s website www.begacom.eu.

Contact Form 7 on the right vs Contact Me Plugin on the left side.

However, when Contact Me Plugin stopped working because of some updates the company decided to use Contact form 7 just as a replacement until their own plugin is back in business. So what happened? The amount of emails suddenly started to increase. And to our surprise it was spam emails.

Contact form 7 or Contact Me Plugin ?

This comparison described in this article shows us that we were not right. The website where Contact Me Plugin was used was actually visited more than we thought, but spammers never succeeded to abuse the form. When Contact form 7 came instead, the spammers suddenly discovered their opportunity to satisfy their desires.

Contact form 7 seems to be simple to use but it requires however more IT experience for e.g. advanced use which not all ordinary users have in every situation. Also, it probably needs a Google re-captcha protection against spam. Contact Me Plugin is also very easy to use but it does not require special IT experience and complicated solutions where other protection services are involved.

However, it is up to each one to decide what to use but Contact Me Plugin has worked properly and safe during a longer time. It will also continue like that as soon as Begacom IT Business release its new and updated version.

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