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Written by: Magazine Team on March 18, 2023.

Favourite activity - your time is valuable

Favourite activity - your time is valuable. What about leaving your everyday life and doing something different?

When someone asks you what you have done this weekend, you have two alternatives. The first one is to answer by saying ”Nothing special” or ”Just the usual things” but you can also answer that you actually have done something.

This article is written with an intention to create an understanding for and respect for your time. Everyone's time should be valuable and if you really care about it, you should use it optimally.

Leaving your everyday life and doing something different is just a way of optimal use of time. Especially if you choose to do some kind of favourite activity. Normally, all working people look forward weekends because they can rest. Resting can be experienced on different ways. Doing nothing or doing something.

Active skiing in 6 hours and a coffee break can be very valuable.

If you choose to do something, then you choose to break a most usual habit which is probably being home and trying to slow down and take it easy. If you choose to do something you really love to do, your happiness and satisfaction will grow.

Satisfaction and new energy

In the real life, weekends are there for charging the batteries and sometimes even one of the both days can help us to get recovered. Experiencing a favourite activity can prolong the feeling of satisfaction and new energy during some days of coming period.

Our everyday life can affect our wellness so much that we can feel exhausted in a negative way. A favourite activity on the other side can lead to fatigue but in a positive way. We can keep doing what we love in hours and at the end we just stop because we can't do it anymore.

The fatigue in positive way can be a fresh source of our new energy if it is caused by something we enjoy. Therefore we have to use our time and make it valuable by doing some favourite activity.

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