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Written by: Magazine Team on April 11, 2023.

Sexy Eyes - a cocktail for you and me

Sexy Eyes - a cocktail for you and me. Can Martini Bianco, tropical juice and a liqueur from Croatia be ingredients of something tasty?

Yes it looks very familiar but it is not what you think. We only got inspired by our last wine and cocktails article and a Screwdriver cocktail but now we were brave and curious.

What did we create this time? Well let us share some info with you. The actual base is Martini Bianco. That is the most important ingredient in this cocktail. When we created the Screwdriver we used orange juice and Martini Bianco only but this time we added one more thing. We also took tropical instead of orange juice.

The taste had to be somehow different but we also had to keep the original base taste of Martini Bianco. With a little care we chose a very suitable ingredient which we added to the former Screwdriver.

Sexy Eyes - a cocktail for you and me. Enjoy it whenever you want.

What we chose is something from Croatia. It is actually a very tasty pear liqueur called Svatovski Kruškovac - pear liqueur (the Wedding Kruskovac). The taste of this one is great and sweet. It is very drinkable and when you add it to Martini Bianco you get a mix of two attractive flavours.

How did we mix everything? We did like this:

  • 2 thin orange slices cut in small pieces
  • 4 small ice cubes
  • 1/3 - 1/2 of a glass was Martini Bianco
  • Half of that or similar amount of it was the pear liqueur
  • We added some tropical juice called Bravo (a Swedish one)

We shaked the whole content properly and very fast in a cocktail shaker.

The result we got has a new name. We call it Sexy Eyes. Its taste could remind of Screwdriver taste but there is a difference. Sexy Eyes is stronger and if you really savour the flavour you can recognize the Svatovski Kruškovac - pear liqueur inside.

However, we are sure that the amount of all ingredients can vary and it can affect both the taste and the strength of this cocktail. In other words, it is possible to modify its properties until a perfection is achieved.

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