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Written by: Magazine Team on April 17, 2023.

Voyagers - a new version of Lord of the Flies?

Voyagers - a new version of Lord of the Flies? Let us follow a group of young teenagers who are sent towards a new habitable exoplanet.

Suddenly we have got a new opportunity to watch a newer movie from 2021 which creates a need to be analyzed. How come that we from the first time watching it want to write an article about it? We actually got attracted by the movie during a few minutes only.

First of all, the movie is a science fiction movie and it can remind about Passengers. The only similarity between those two is traveling through space towards a new planet. That is why we got attracted.

Afterwards, when actually were in it, we discovered that Voyagers has much in common with Lord of the Flies. Why is that? If you have watched Lord of the Flies you should be able to recognize the similarity.

In Voyagers we have a group of young teenagers who are sent towards a new habitable exoplanet. Their trip was meant to colonize that new planet midst runaway climate change and declining habitability on Earth.

Voyagers - a new version of Lord of the flies? The screenshot is from YouTube.

The true nature of people

We can see how teenagers stop working as a group after a while and that creates a social conflict where they split in to two opposite groups. According the sources on the Internet Voyagers is experienced as Lord of the Flies in space. That confirms our own reaction about how similar those two movies are.

In both movies we can see what can happen when humans are put in a group and taken away from the rest of humankind. If we focus on the true nature of people we can understand how humans can belong to good or evil group. We also can see how easy it is to be blind and not able to understand what is right or wrong.

Regardless if Voyagers is a science fiction or not, the story is a realistic description of possible conflicts in different groups. Therefore we can recommend it. See and learn so you can be prepared to handle a similar situation in future.

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