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Written by: Magazine Team on April 29, 2023.

Sweet Moment! A French flavor

Sweet Moment! A French flavor. This spring we have decided to taste and enjoy a wine with a taste of passion fruit.

What did we taste this spring? You know the time when everything suddenly begins to be green and nice and when the temperature becomes higher. Well, that was the reason for us to taste this flavored wine with a taste of pomegranate.

Sitting on the balcony and listening at good music was actually a great experience. This was the first time in 2023. We decided to drink something refreshing and our choice was this bottle of Sweet Moment. The name fits perfectly to the occasion. It is produced is in France and we bought it in central eastern part of Germany during a trip through the country.

Sweet Moment! A French flavor with taste of pomegranate.

Nice and almost warm evening atmosphere had to be classified as special since the cold winter time has been prolonged and it started to be annoying. The taste of pomegranate was perfect in this wine. We served it cold, directly from the fridge and that was the reason why it was tasty. Actually it is recommended to server it little bit colder than room temperature.

Sweet Moment belongs to those wines with lower alcohol content which can be good considering the health. It contains only 6,9 percent alcohol so it was pretty drinkable. Is this wine something to recommend for meals? Actually it is more like a sweet and refreshing rosé so it does not fit to meals like e.g. a red wine does. It is more a refreshing welcome drink when you want to mingle with other people.

We are happy to recommend it if you happen to find this wine in your store or during a trip somewhere in Europe.

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