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Written by: A.Beganovic on June 10, 2023.

Copenhagen Marathon vs Stockholm Marathon 2023

Copenhagen Marathon vs Stockholm Marathon 2023. What can I tell you about this as a relatively new runner? Let's read and check it out.

Who could ever believe that running would become a regular part of someone’s life? It is that regular so it can affect you in some irregular decisions. One specific decision is the one we are going to mention in this article.

As an author and owner of this magazine, I have decided to write a reportage about Copenhagen Marathon vs Stockholm Marathon since I decided to participate and run.

Top: Copenhagen Marathon and finish. Bottom: Stockholm Marathon finish and start.

Affected and inspired by a friend I started with running in 2020. I managed 98 kilometres in total that year. 2021 I ran 230 kilometres which is more than double up. And in 2022 I ran 600 kilometres which is a big increase comparing to the two earlier years and the fact that I was a beginner in running.

Copenhagen Marathon

In the end of 2022 the decision was taken. I wanted to run the Copenhagen Marathon 2023. Inspired and stimulated by a friend, Peter and my brother Nino I created a running discipline and managed 100 km per month despite some days of sickness and also horrible cold weather.

Copenhagen Marathon - the start point. A screenshot from CPH Marathon app.

The start and finish area is located in Fælledparken, which is centered around Øster Allé in the Copenhagen district Østerbro. Arriving there gave a great feeling even though I also felt nervous as it was my first time.

Copenhagen Marathon vs Stockholm Marathon. The three friends before the start.

After the start I felt like it was my opportunity to achieve something on my own but also create an in common memory and experience with Nino and Peter. Peter did not run with us because he was placed in the group of faster runners. Nino decided to run with me, in my pace and he was supporting me the whole way.

Records and disappointments

In Copenhagen I broke my half marathon record and I also ran longer that 28 kilometres which was my longest distance earlier. Unfortunately I also experienced how fatigue can affect the way of thinking. In the beginning of 30 kilometres and furter on I was so exhausted that I was thinking and talking about giving up. The whole body was absolutely hurting.

Nino supported me the whole way and did not let me give up. When we were closer to the finish we decided to give everything we had left. During last two kilometres we ran with our last energy and we crossed the finish line. It was fantastic feeling even though we arrived later than we estimated.

Stockholm Marathon

In Stockholm Nino and I ran without Peter. He did not participate. The start this time was fantastic. The atmosphere on the start line gave some more optimistic vibes.

Copenhagen Marathon vs Stockholm Marathon. The two brothers before the start.

After some preparations close to the Stockholm stadium all participants had to go towards the start line. It was a street outside of the stadium and it was a very nice view. Looking from the back the experience was just like an attractive pink color in the light blue sky.

Stockholm Marathon with some great fireworks on the start line.

Our preparation this time was pretty good. At least it was better than in Copenhagen. We could eat and drink enough before the marathon.

Eating the Zeta pasta the day before Stockholm Marathon was recommended.

Stockholm Marathon started at 12:10 and Copenhagen Marathon started at 09:30. The start time difference in Stockholm made it much easier to prepare. The day before the marathon the Zeta pasta was on the menu. It is recommended to eat it in situations like this and it was also served just outside of the Stockholm stadium.

The route and atmosphere

Running 42.195 km was not easy. It was important to create and keep a stable tempo with a pace that could lead to a successful run. For achieving that it was important to drink water. Along the whole route all runners had an opportunity to drink water or energy drinks and on some points some fruits and other food were served.

One great thing with both marathons was the sport atmosphere. On different points along the whole route people were cheering and together with music they just made the run easier. At least for a short moment it was possible to forget the pain and fatigue and it was so thanks to all fantastic people with great and positive energy.

Was it worth experiencing?

Well, as a relatively new runner I think that both marathons gave me something. I was not so successful as I was hoping but I got a new experience and I learned how to respect the definition of a marathon as a long distance run. So, yes it was worth experiencing! In Stockholm we were 6 minutes faster than in Copenhagen which is a success.

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