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Written by: Magazine Team on August 21, 2023.

Is Sarajevo a marathon city?

Is Sarajevo a marathon city? Is this city suitable as a marathon city? Let us read and see what this article explains.

Many cities all around the world have their marathons. After participating in two, Copenhagen and Stockholm, we have decided to investigate if Sarajevo could be a possible marathon city in the future. We have decided to analyze that and write this article.

The fact is that Copenhagen and Stockholm are significantly larger cities than Sarajevo. Their area makes it easy to plan and decide the route. They are also flat and that is a very important detail in a situation like this.

Sarajevo was an olympic city before. It was Winter Olympic Games though, but the idea of organizing marathon can raise a new international opportunity. Is this city suitable as a marathon city?

The 16,5 km route in Sarajevo. It covers a very big part of the city.

Well, there is already a half marathon run in Sarajevo. It gets arranged every year. It seems to be possible to offer that kind of run there. We also have our own experience of running in Sarajevo. There are different routes such as 5-16 km and they are pretty nice. They can be challenging since there are no well adapted sidewalks and bike lanes like in some other European cities. (But of course, those are not really needed when it is an arranged run. They are needed for private training.)

A marathon route

We have tried to design a marathon route in Sarajevo by using the Google Maps and we have succeeded but an event like this would block the whole city. As we wrote in the beginning Sarajevo is not big enough like Copenhagen and Stockholm so a marathon run would require going back and forth several times. That can cause pretty big chaos since the traffic in the city would be affected.

The result of our analysis is that Sarajevo is not suitable as marathon city as many other bigger and flat cities are. On the other side it would be great if the city authorities could consider Sarajevo as a possible candidate in the future.

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