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Written by: A.Beganovic on August 27, 2023.

The White Town by the Sea

The White Town by the Sea and camping in a mobile house. What can we share with you this time? Let us read and get inspired!

Croatia appears to be a place where possible articles can be written. Visiting the Adriatic Sea and the Croatian coast can give some new writing inspirations. Well let us see what we can tell you about this little coast town called Biograd na Moru.

As an author and owner of this magazine, I have decided to write a reportage about this town since this is my other visit there.

Biograd na Moru or The White Town by the Sea - one of the restaurants.

Biograd na Moru, or The White Town by the Sea is just a small typical coast town with a small harbour and a town center close to it. If we translate the name, Biograd (Bijeli grad) means The White Town and na Moru means by the sea. The town has around 6.000 inhabitants according to Wikipedia.

Biograd na Moru or The White Town by the Sea - one of the streets in the town.

The White Town by the Sea is in Dalmatia which is the southern part of Croatia. We mentioned Dalmatia in our earlier articles and it is a nice place for people who prefer the Adriatic Sea. We will not emphasize that this sea is the best one because we have seen different seas and it would be exaggerating if we wrote wrong.

The White Town by the Sea. A mobile house in Camping Park Soline.

Camping Park Soline

We decided to stay in a camping place called Camping Park Soline where we rented a small mobile house relatively close both to the town and the sea. The house was perfect for 3 persons and it had one kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It also had a big terrace with an own parking spot outside of the house.

The beach was also nice but there is something very annoying. It is not only on this beach but it seems to be normal on almost all beaches on this side of the Adriatic Sea. People put their towels and and other beach stuff to keep a spot reserved for them only.

The White Town by the Sea - enjoying Havanna Libre, Mojito and Ice tea.

The whole place as such, the camp and everything it offered was actually great. Everything was satisfying. We enjoyed different drinks like: Havanna Libre, Mojito and Ice tea. We walked from the camp to the central parts of Biograd. One long walking street connects the camp with the town.

Biograd na Moru or The White Town by the Sea - the biggest marina in the town.

The White Town by the Sea, Biograd na moru is a small town as we mention above. We visited the biggest marina in the central part of the town and we could see many different boats there. We did not see any beach that is a town beach but we have of course seen some other during the walk from our camp to the town.

Restaurants are there all over the place and they offer great food but they are relatively expensive. The problem with prices is not mentioned in this article only, but we are sure that many different articles web wide have mentioned this problem in Croatia.

Some last words

Can we recommend Biograd na Moru - The White Town by the Sea ? Yes sure, but there is one thing you must be prepared on if you choose the Camping Park Soline. Sleeping during the night can be impossible or difficult because of the high music in one or several bars near to the camp. The town is worth visiting because it looks like a typical little town on the Adriatic Sea.

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