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Written by: IT Team on September 20, 2023.

Spam, spoofing and phishing

Spam, spoofing and phishing. In this article we will try to give you some recommendations and refresh your knowledge about this subject.

Do you ever receive a specific amount of emails that make you annoyed? Probably a huge number of Internet users have experienced this problem. We are talking about a famous problem which probably never will stop.

There are filters and there are different email blocking functions on email provider’s servers, but they can not stop email traffic on e.g. website forms. A ”To”-email address in a form can probably be hidden or invisible for a spammer but it does not stop him to abuse the form.

The website forms can be protected. There are different ways of doing that. Many different services offer a protection against this kind of spam but it does not always guarantee a full protection.

There is probably no full protection against spam emails but there are services with better and services with less good techniques. However, we must learn how to recognize a spam email and just ignore it without clicking anywhere inside the message.

Spam, spoofing and phishing. Just an example. An e-mail sent from a Gmail address.

What should you look at?

Look at the sender email address and look at the message subject. Probably you can be absolutely sure that it is a spam already there. Otherways you can look at the signature in the message and you should be able to understand that it is a spam. A real sender from a company never use some strange email address from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or similar.

If the message has your own email address as sender then it is Spoofing and we have written about it before. Check the article about Spoofing.

Do not be afraid of any message content and delete it without clicking on any link or attached file. Spam messages with different links can be phishing emails. They are targeted scams that aim to trick people into revealing personal or sensitive information.

If needed, contact the police if you feel some kind of a threat or if you are tricked by some phishing email.

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