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Written by: Magazine Team on October 8, 2023.

Blinkist - Understand powerful ideas in 15 min

Blinkist - Understand powerful ideas in 15 min. Can this be for people who do not have time for reading big books? Let's take a look.

We had some spontaneous reading at online Süddeutsche Zeitung and we clicked on an advertisement. It was called: ”Apple begeistert: Blinkist ist eine der besten Apps der Welt”.

Suddenly we came to an interesting article. The subject is: ”Süchtig nach Wissen: Trend-App laut Apple eine der besten der Welt”. As the title sounds attractive, we decided to read and get more information.

The Blinkist App seems to be created mostly for the non-fiction books where the users have an opportunity to get all information they need within 15 minutes. The App is very practical for people who live a stressful life and do not have time for reading big books with hundreds or thousands of pages.

The digital library contains more than 6.700 contents from 27 categories and each month it is expected to get 40 categories more.

Blinkist App. On left side you can see how it looks. On the right side is a price offer.

According to the source we found, it is mostly people with higher education who find the Blinkist App attractive. It is around 80% highly educated users and most part of them have a Bachelor degree.

In the App it is possible to read and hear the content. For those who drive it is a perfect opportunity to get some information by listening.

In the Blinkist App, all the titles are created by professionals. They are hand made but their content is shortened by 6-7 team members who belong to different expert groups, journalists, psychologists and coaches. So, the whole information should be experienced as reliable.

Unfortunately we did not try it out because we did not want to create an account there. The demo version, the free one, seems to be interesting so you can easily satisfy your curiosity.

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