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Written by: Magazine Team on October 20, 2023.

Worrying vs obsessive news in Europe

Worrying vs obsessive news in Europe. Can some news make us worry about something and can some news be just like something too much?

What kind of news do journalists think we can like? Every newspaper or magazine has own or shared journalists. Many of them are experienced and they know how to work with different news.

In Europe we have different countries and they have own medias. How they present different stories or news is something connected to the local public. Every nation does not think like others. They have similar ways of thinking in some areas and in others not.

We normally use to follow news from some different countries in Europe. Two of them are for example Sweden and Germany. They normally write about local and foreign news. Especially now when we have conflicts close to us, we can see similar ways of presenting news.

But what about worrying vs obsessive news? Two interesting articles attracted our attention.

Worrying vs obsessive news in Europe. Screenshots taken at actual websites.

The one of them is an article about Coronavirus. In Munich in Germany it seems to be a hot subject again. We noticed that this subject started in connection to the Oktoberfest in Munich. It is something partly worrying because we all know how it was when the Coronavirus infected many people and affected all our lives.

The other one is NATO’s obsession of Sweden. Why do they dream about this country so much? Why do they think that they are needed? The whole world knows Sweden as a perfect and neutral country. This boring, repeating and obsessive subject about membership in NATO is just sad. People know how it is to live without this military alliance but they do not know how the membership can affect us.

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