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Written by: Magazine Team on October 26, 2023.

Wolf - a man with animal senses

Wolf - a man with animal senses. What happens to a regular businessman and what happens to his senses? The mystery has something attractive.

No younger generations know all good old movies. This one started by driving a car in the middle of the night. It was winter and much snow all over the place. Suddenly the car crashed with a wolf and the driver went out to check the animal. His curiosity was too dangerous. The hurt wolf jumped and bit his hand just before running away in to the dark forest.

Will, Jack Nicholson, continued his life just as nothing happened. He took a vaccine against rabies and told his doctor what happened that night with the full moon. He is just a regular businessman and his life gets affected by the wolf who gave him a bite.

The first sign of being infected by the wolf was when some horses appeared to be afraid of Will on a company party. The same night he met a new woman, Laura, who actually was someone he adored from the start even though he was married.

Wolf - a man with animal senses. The screenshot is from YouTube.

What happened further on in the movie? Who is the Wolf and who is his competitor? Try to imagine how it can feel when you suddenly get sharp and clear senses. You can hear and you can see things that you never before were able to experience. Not only that. Your strength grows and you feel both strong and fast.

If you did not see the movie and if you are curious about Will and his role in Wolf, you should absolutely give it a try and watch the full movie. It is after all Jack Nicholson. He actually belongs to the better actors.

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