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Written by: Magazine Team on November 1, 2023.

Let’s GO- fits to Halloween!

Let’s GO- fits to Halloween! We have chosen it because of the name. Was that a right decision? How was the experience?

It was long time ago we actually wrote about a new drink, wine or cocktail. Let us give it a chance now when something happens. It’s time for Halloween, or it is time for it this whole week.

We served a bottle of Let’s GO and we did not regret. In earlier articles we actually had some cases where we were able to admit that the chosen drink was not as expected. This time we chosen this drink because of the attractive name. It was good but we can not treat it as the one on the top.

Where does it come from? This last summer we found it in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is produced there, more exactly in Herzegovina. That part of this country is actually known for good wines. They are locally very appreciated and people love them in the whole region.

Let’s GO- fits to Halloween! A tasty half dry wine from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Unfortunately they are not so known world wide, but we will now try to present some nice words about it. Let’s GO is a half dry wine with 11,5% alcohol and it is created with Blatina sort of grapes. It fits to white meat, vegetables and fish. Serving temperature should be 8-10 Celsius degree. It’s color and text design truly are for an occasion similar to Halloween.

We can also say that Let’s GO is seen as a Rosé wine. It is because of the taste which reminds of a typical Rosé. Therefore it is also written on the bottle as you can see. If you get an opportunity to buy it, do not hesitate. It might be enjoyable and tasty.

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