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Written by: Magazine Team on November 7, 2023.

M3GAN - an intelligent doll

M3GAN - an intelligent doll. What is the whole story in this movie? Can human beings and artificial intelligence cooperate?

In our modern world are we surrounded by all kinds of technology. We have smartphones, robots, computers, self driving cars and so on. Everything is some kind of programmed technology which is possible to communicate with.

This time we have found a movie about a programmed doll called M3GAN (Megan). What is the whole story in this movie?
There is a young girl Cady who lost her parents and her mother’s sister Gemma decided to take care of her.

Since Gemma is working in a company where they create and develop robots combined with artificial intelligence, she decided to create a protecting AI doll. This little and smart robot, M3GAN became a favourite doll at home.

M3GAN - an intelligent doll. The screenshot is from YouTube.

Cady experienced her new doll as a new friend. Their relation grew in to a real friendship. M3GAN’s role was to take care of Cady, protect her and make her happy. She appeared to be useful both for children and grownups.

What happened then? Can a robot really come out of control of its own creator? Is it possible that a robot with own ability to learn and develop takes over the control and turn into an enemy?

The movie shows us a very possible situation in the real life. It is not just a fantasy. We can see how the future of human beings will be dependent of artificial intelligence rather than other humans. It looks like some kind of self destruction even though we can be proud of the own development.

We can recommend the movie because it is something that could happen, besides some smaller exaggerations. It is worth a chance to become one of the favourites.

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