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Written by: Magazine Team on December 1, 2023.

QI - Flowing vital energy

QI - Flowing vital energy. What do we know about being balanced and experiencing emotional stability?

Is this article about two letters only? Or is it about a word that means something? Actually we admit that we did not know anything about QI before we played a Wordfeud game in German some days ago. The word was accepted and we searched for it online because it is not a German word.

What does QI mean? What is it? Does it have any connection to our lifestyle? It comes from China, from the traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine. We can say that QI is an unseen energy that flows through everything. It binds all things together within the micro and macro elements of the universe.

QI - Flowing vital energy

Literally QI means vapor, air or breath but the word is according to Wikipedia translated as vital energy, vital force, material energy or simply as energy. According to the text at Study.com we can say this this word means the vital energy and fluids of the human body, as well as the physical environment we take into our bodies such as food, air, and water.

When QI in the physical body is balanced, we experience health, stability, and inner calmness. When it is not balanced, we can experience physical sickness, mental illness, and emotional instability. According to the mentioned article QI can exist in our bodies in three potential states: balance, deficiency, and excess.
Deficiency is for example lack of water, food, shelter, sleep and love. Excess is for example too much stress, physical activity and negative emotions.

So, now at the end of this article we are allowed to say that QI has connection to our lifestyle. If we live well and if we take care of ourselves and our surrounding, we should be able to feel a better balance. Our quality of life should be improved.

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