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Written by: Magazine Team on January 12, 2024.

Training soreness

Training soreness - Do you recognize the expression? What is your experience of it?

Physical activities are good. They are needed. Our body needs to move and it needs different kinds of activities. That is the reason why many people do some kind of training. They simply feel that their bodies feel better afterwards.

There is one thing that almost every physically active person can experience. We are talking about training soreness. What is that actually? Do you recognize the expression? Probably most of us know what that is.

We have done some short searches on the Internet and there are sites where we can read some concrete explanations. For example, we can see that training soreness is something that should be over in 24-72 hours. And that sounds true. It might probably deviate from case to case.

Training soreness - Do some stretching! The image is from pixabay.com.

What can help us a lot is stretching. Our body needs that after some training, especially if it was an intensive one such as running. The training soreness can be experienced much better than without stretching. If we notice that it does not disappear after 24-72 hours, it maybe is some more serious injury. In that case we should contact a doctor just to be sure what it is about. Sometimes we maybe think that it is not a big problem, but it can be so if we ignore it hoping that it will be solved by itself.

The training soreness is something that we can experience as a result of good training and it gives us a positive feeling. However, we always have to be careful because different levels of physical strain maybe can hurt our body. And of course, two very good things to think about are: warming up before the training and stretching afterwards.

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