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Written by: Magazine Team on January 30, 2024.

White month - worth taking a break?

White month - worth taking a break? Take the opportunity and read. Your wellness is important and understanding this article could be good for you.

Newly, an expression in a Swedish newspaper attracted our attention. It is no new expression but for some people it maybe is. It is not something you read about on daily basis. Well, what is it about? It actually has something to do with our lifestyle and wellness. It can be a kind of recommendation for some people.

White month is a period of time when a person does not drink alcohol. It is nothing connected to alcoholism, but it is applicable for anyone who loves to take a drink or two in different occasions. It might be a way of prevention against possible problems with alcohol in the future.

White month - worth taking a break? The image is from pixabay.com

This method of taking a break from drinking can be very good for anyone. Different online articles write about different positive effects and well being. For example: Many people feel more alert, think more clearly and have fewer problems with anxiety and sleep disorders. That is very positive.

The German S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung call this White month for Dry January and mentions a possible discussion if this really gives something good or if it just gives a positive feeling. The Swedish Sydsvenskan writes that it can be a good decision to take some kind of break and cut back on drinking.

It does sound good. Regardless if and how often you take a drink, a beer or a glass of wine, the White month or two can be a perfect choice. It is up to each one of us and with this article we want to encourage everyone to give it a try. Our wellness is our richness.

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