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Written by: Magazine Team on February 5, 2024.

Justfindit.se and Facebook

Justfindit.se and Facebook. Sometimes when you notice that something does not give results, you actually realize that you do not need it anymore.

This article is a little bit different from others. When we published articles about Justfindit.se as a search engine, we tried to write about interesting things such as search phrases. Now suddenly we write about the connection to Facebook.

This is a boring article because the search engine developer and the owner has decided to remove the Justfindit.se Facebook site. What is the reason for that? Sometimes when you notice that something does not give you anything, you actually realize that you do not need it anymore.

Our magazine is a part of the Justfindit.se search engine and nothing will be changed here. The both projects will continue as before and the only difference is that there will not be any Facebook site.

Justfindit.se and Facebook. No more Facebook services for now.

It has been a fantastic period of some years and the Facebook site was used at least one time every week. We could say every 6th day more precisely. Every time a new article was published in our magazine, a new post at the Facebook site was published.

However, besides some likes, using the Facebook did not give so much more. Therefore the decision was made. No more their services. That is, no more posts about the magazine articles or other information about the Justfindit.se search engine. Sometimes the followers and their passivity are not worth of having this Facebook site. The Facebook is also not fair because they actually want you to pay for some more likes or followers.

What was the date of the removal of the Facebook site and were the followers informed? Well the site was finally deleted on February 1st 2024 and noone was informed. No activities means that no information is needed.

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