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Written by: Magazine Team on February 11, 2024.

Artificial Intelligence or natural intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or natural intelligence? Who will be the one who owns the last word? Let us take a look and try to evaluate that.

As the subject explains, we have two kinds of intelligence. The natural one has started developing from the first time a human being was created. We are talking about a very long period of time. The natural intelligence goes hand in hand with the evolution.

The second one, the artificial one is something that humans created. People developed by the evolution have succeeded with developing the artificial intelligence. Where can we notice the existence of it? What do you think?

Take a look around you and what you normally do on daily basis. Is there anything that you can associate with the artificial intelligence? We can mention one thing: your smartphone of course. Maybe you hold it in your hand and read this.

Artificial Intelligence or natural intelligence? The image is from pixabay.com.

What else is popular nowadays? Well, we can assure you that we have at least one more example. It is the web. Web development, website creating programs and similar tools such as online chats. Do you recognize any of those?

The quality of this artificial intelligence does not appear to be perfect. That can be noticeable in different situation. One very simple example is a support service chat online. For example there can Artificial Intelligence robots do mistakes. They can understand some words or expressions wrongly. Therefore, their answers can be wrong and a person who asked for help can get wrong information and also be unhappy with bad services.

Many developers around the world are struggling with creating something that can replace the human being. The project and their dream are alive, but the experience tells us that the artificial intelligence still is not reliable enough to be chosen as a winner. The natural intelligence will always be the one who owns the last word.

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