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Written by: Magazine Team on March 18, 2024.

The Strava app and our lifestyle

The Strava app and our lifestyle. Is this app something that can help us to enjoy every moment of our training? Let us check it out.

Our sport habits can develop to something better if we enjoy what we are doing. It is though important that we sometimes get some new inspiring or stimulating source of encouragement. As an active runner, everyone can use different apps if they want to be connected to others or if they want to see own results online.

In this magazine we published a reportage about the Strava app. The article called I love Strava actually presents the app as very reliable and useful app. The free version of it is enough if you want to use it and get good and relevant information about your run.

The premium version costs and offers more details and opportunities for those who want them. For any regular runner the free version is really enough.

The Strava app and our lifestyle. Here we can see finished challenges and clubs.

What more is interesting in this app besides what we mentioned in the earlier reportage? Strava offers the opportunity to be a member of different groups or clubs. That is of course for free.

Being a member of a club makes it easy for you to see how much you have been running compared to some other members. That information can be useful and stimulating if you really need to have some inspiration.

Also, you can check the other members and see their own statistics but it is not always possible. Some of them have chosen not to show their details if you do not follow each other. If you follow someone and if that person follows you, then you can see each other’s activities and that can be inspiring and stimulating.

So, we must admit, the Strava app is worth using it. Try it out if you already have not and enjoy every moment of your lifestyle.

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