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Written by: Magazine Team on April 5, 2024.

McDonald's has junk quality

McDonald's has junk quality. Do they have any leader ambitions? We can look it at now and how it was during the last 28 years.

Being a big and famous fast food restaurant does not always mean that the food being served is good. We have decided to write some lines about McDonald's. The reason for that could be positive but in this case we have been inspired by a negative experience.

The idea of fast food is probably that the restaurant owner wanted to serve a tasty and good meals within a short time. Maybe in the beginning, McDonald's succeed to hold a high level quality. This article is not going deeper in to the history of this restaurant, but we can mention our own analysis in the period of last 28 years. It is based on the own experience and we are writing mostly about the restaurants in Sweden.

In the middle of and in the end of 90’s the experience of Big Mac and Co meal was fantastic. Eating a meal in Gothenburg was successful every time. At that time the price was lower but the size was experienced as bigger than today. Maybe it is just a subjective feeling when talking about the size. We are unfortunately not able to present any proof of that. But we have heard some other people claim a similar statement.

Later on, the price was going up and we do not complain about that because all prices have gone up. The quality on the other side begun to be lower. The size of a Big Mac and Co hamburger was shrinking and the taste started to be bad more often. Was it because of growing number of restaurants who actually lost their ambition of being leaders in this business?

McDonald's has junk quality. Bad and dry meat, salad and bread.

We can take McDonald's restaurants in Malmö in Sweden as an example. Almost every time we were there, the food served was not satisfying. The meat, salad or bread appeared to have bad quality. On the other side the typical original taste has almost always been as it should though.

In one case we experienced how the employees actually served a perfect meal with a very good quality of meat, bread and fresh salad. Also the pommes was great. What was the case that day? The restaurant bosses were on the visit and according to one of the employees, they wanted to show how good they work. Remember, they wanted to appear as they actually should.

But how do they do every day when the boss is not there? Our experience tells us: Bad and dry meat, salad and bread. What can we expect in about 10 years then?

McDonald's has good and tasty meals even though it is junk food according to almost everyone. But the true is that their quality has sink to the bottom and it is now also junk quality. Unfortunately it is because of the lost leader ambitions and lack of the service minded employees and bosses.

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