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Written by: Magazine Team on April 17, 2024.

Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day. What would you do if you noticed that your day repeats over and over again? Would it be nice or boring or maybe inspiring?

Similarities between some movies are not always visible, besides if it is about those movie series with the same name but with different number. They are pretty similar to each other. But what can we tell about the others?

Some days ago we saw a movie for the first time. It is called Happy Death Day. It was a very regular movie about some students where a young girl had head role. Suddenly we noticed something in this movie which attracted our attention.

Do you remember the movie Groundhog Day? There was a man waking up several times in row on a same day. It was a Monday. Everything repeated several days and he learned how to handle every situation.

Happy Death Day and one of the scenes. The screenshot is from YouTube.

In Happy Death Day we have a similar situation. A young girl, a student, wakes up in same bed and in same room several days in row. Everything starts with the same scene where she meets a young man who was with her last night. Without going into the details, we want say that she is hunted by someone every time she wakes up.

At the end of the day that person kills her and in the same moment she wakes up again. That continues over and over until she finds out who her killer is.

Maybe this movie is not that funny as the other one is, but the story is interesting and should make everyone sit and watch it until the end. It is classified as comedy and thriller but it is neither funny or scary as it is expected.

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