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Written by: Magazine Team on April 29, 2024.

Eurovision Song Contest and politics

Eurovision Song Contest and politics. Is it possible to see how love and respect grow or do we have to be afraid?

It is 2024. This time Sweden is ready to be the host. It is the second time in Malmö. The city will do everything that requires for making the Eurovision Song Contest as good as possible.

The idea of this contest was born after the World War II with the goal to connect the European countries and make love and respect grow again. But how is it this year in Sweden? The European Union has excluded Russia because of the war in Ukraine. If that decision is a correct one or not, we can ask ourselves.

In autumn 2023 a new war started in the Middle East. It is between Israel and Hamas-led Palestinian militant groups and this war is still going on, just like the one in Ukraine. But the European Union has not excluded Israel from the Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision Song Contest and politics. The screenshot is from YouTube.

Politics and song contest

Why is Russia excluded but Israel is not? The explanation is probably that Russia started the war without being provoked and Israel started it because Hamas attacked them first. The European Union and the rest of the west world have own explanations and reasons.

However, regardless of who thinks what on the political level, there is another problem. In Malmö and Sweden, there are probably some groups who are ready to create problems during the period of the song contest. They would like to see an exclusion of Israel. They use and abuse the Eurovision as such, trying to involve own political values and make the organizers change the whole program.

Why should Israel be excluded? Why should Russia be excluded? The idea of punishing artists just because of the politics and dirty games in the world is very sick. However, knowing what aggressive groups and their attacks in Sweden mean, we hope that the government and the police will do everything to protect our Eurovision Song Contest.

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