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Written by: Magazine Team on May 11, 2024.

Antenne Bayern makes it cool

Antenne Bayern makes it cool. Do you love pop or schlager music or do you prefer some podcasts in German? Then you are reading a right one article.

Probably everyone already has a favourite app in the smartphone. Maybe you love games, music, stories, news or something absolutely different and therefore you have made your decision. Your favourite app is your choice. But what about us?

We have chosen the app called Antenne Bayern. What? Why? If you react like that, we understand you. Living in Sweden and preferring a German app before a Swedish one sounds weird, but it is not. We are a Swedish team working with a Swedish magazine written in English. And we love the German language.

So, what can we find in this fantastic app? Antenne Bayern is actually a German commercial radio station from southern Germany, from Munich. Their app offers live radio, different music styles but also different podcasts. If you are familiar with the German language and if you love pop music, you choose Deutsch pop. If you are a type who loves schlager music, then there is a music channel for you too. Regardless of your knowledge level of German and English, you can find very good music at Antenne Bayern.

Antenne Bayern makes it cool. The screenshot is from Antenne Bayern.

The podcasts however seems to be in German. If you are learning that language you can find some good podcasts that are easy to understand. Different podcast narrators speak differently and some of them are pretty easy to follow if your German is not good enough. On the other side, for those who has this language as a mother tongue, the podcast menu is rich with different themes and content.

We love Antenne Bayern and we are happy to be able to recommend it. Of course you need to understand some German.

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