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Written by: Magazine Team on May 23, 2024.

40 articles left until…but first a break

40 articles left until…but first a break. Let us write, publish and love every written word, but try also to inspire us by reading.

Our magazine is a place where you can read independent articles. They are mostly influenced or inspired by some real experiences or situations that have attracted our attention. We are proud of every word in this magazine.

As you can see we have different categories and all of them have some own or shared articles. Some articles actually belong to more than one category so it is just great to find them in several categories. Our goal is to create interesting content and that is why we sometimes need a new inspiration.

But what happens when we reach a point when we need to prioritize something else or hunt for some new inspiration? Well, as all other magazines, we want to grow. Our magazine has published 460 articles now and it is 40 articles left until we can reach the 500. Wow! That is a number! Have you ever written so many own articles or smaller stories?

40 articles left until…but first a break. Let us write, publish and read.

Maybe we can inspire you! Our magazine simply needs a break now. We are certainly going to collect some good material for a new round of fresh and interesting articles. The last spring and just before the summer 2023 we published a similar article called An article about what? . That one was also one showing that the magazine needs to recharge the batteries.

So, dear readers and followers, enjoy the summer time and be ready for our new articles. Together we are going to reach the number 500 within a coming period of time. We are going to write, publish and love every written word, but you are going to inspire us.

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