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Written by: A.Beganovic on May 7, 2015.

It is never just a flight.

As someone said: It's never just a movie! In this case, it's never just an article. At least when you read in this magazine you can feel the real message. What is it today then? What happened in Copenhagen that day, on May 5th 2015?
airplane Looking from the office I noticed airplanes that were moving towards the International Airport preparing to land. They were coming from different places but all of them had the same destination. Actually, on of them I could recognize and it was a Norwegian airplane. However, people in the airplane were probably excited:Wow look there! Copenhagen looks nice, what a beautiful view!
And it was a great view! Not because I was in one of these airplanes ( I was in one of the buildings as you can see) but because I know. I have flied around 100 times and I have seen much from the sky. I have seen Copenhagen from that point of view many times. So it is a great view. How about the pilots? How do they manage the existence on the sky? Their families maybe miss them but they also have their own clubs on the sky - the famous 10.000 meters Club! They probably enjoy it, the view is great and they see what I have seen again and again and again. Every flight is never just a flight.

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