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Written by: Magazine Team on January 17, 2023.

Der Junge Secco - passt zu jedem Anlass

Der Junge Secco - passt zu jedem Anlass. Let us experience something else. Maybe with some small inspiration from Austrian Salzburg.

Is this a boy called Secco or what? Or is just a simple rosé called young Secco? However, here is a short little story about it and therefore we hope you will like it. Once upon a time we visited just a normal store in Germany. It was somewhere between Munich and Berlin and relatively close to the Czech Republic.

We found many different bottles of wines and champagnes and decided to pick some. The prices were absolutely acceptable. One of them was Der Junge Secco. It is a German sparkling wine with carbon dioxide. With 11% of alcohol it belongs to a group of standard wines which is absolutely within the limits for an acceptable drink.

Der Junge Secco - passt zu jedem Anlass. You can enjoy it regardless the reason.

What can we say about the taste and the experience? Well, we liked the berry flavor but it was not the best one. Probably it depends on how we served it. Since this is expected to be a summer cocktail it maybe should be served cold. We served it in room’s temperature which could have affected the experience.

The title of this article says that Der Junge Secco can be enjoyed regardless the reason but we actually made a toast for a good start of 2023. We have different plans for this year and this German sparkling rosé was just a suitable way of toasting for luck. Maybe with some small inspiration from Austrian Salzburg just because we enjoyed that city one day before.

If you ever get an opportunity to buy Der Junge Secco we can recommend it even though it was not the best one from our point of view. It might give better experience if served correctly.

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