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Written by: Magazine Team on February 10, 2023.

Ulricehamn - skiing right there

Ulricehamn - skiing right there. For Swedes in Southern Sweden there are no so many options but this one can be perfectly experienced as a good one.

A sport passion is something that gives us a nice feeling. It is something that we crave for. Often it can be something we dream about. If that dream is not realized then we can be sad.

For Swedes in Southern Sweden there are no so many options. If you live far away in south you can choose northern Sweden or Alps. Maybe even some ski resorts in central Europe too. All of these alternatives require strict planning because they can require flight and hotel booking. Traveling with car is possible but requires much time.

However, Swedes in the south had one close option. More about it: Vallåsen for Swedes in the south. Now that options seems to be gone. The ski resort is closed during the season 2022-2023 and it is obvious why. There almost no snow at all.

Ulricehamn - skiing right there. The image was taken live in Ulricehamn in February 5th.

There is a similar option mentioned in an earlier article: Skiing in Ulricehamn - a new experience. Ulricehamn is a nice little place with some different but short pistes. However it can be experienced perfectly if it is not crowded. Regardless if it is sunny weather or if it is snowing, the place is great when you do not have to wait in queues for ski lifts.

Normally the ski resort is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and if you for example live in Malmö city in southern Sweden you have to wake up at 5 a.m. and drive if you want to be there right in time. It is not highway the whole way up so driving takes some extra time.

However, you can give it a chance if you are curious and if you have the opportunity to visit this place.

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