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Written by: Magazine Team on June 4, 2023.

Afraid of giving up

Afraid of giving up. When is it possible to experience that fear? Challenges and competitions are two perfect examples.

Do we ever think about failure? Success is something everyone wants to achieve and that behaviour is normal. It is though not possible to experience success in all cases. It simply depends on circumstances.

When are we afraid of giving up? What situation is something that can break us down? Challenges and competitions can sometimes affect us and our ability to do something. Things we normally can handle can look impossible if we are under some press, but on the other side there might also be a reverse effect.

Afraid of giving up. The image is from pixabay.com.

If we take a challenge for the first time we maybe are afraid of giving up regardless the reason. That feeling is normal. We do not want to fail. The important thing is that we are prepared, especially if it requires some kind of preparation or training.

It is similar with competitions but there might be a little difference. When you choose to compete against someone, then you choose to really go for it. There is no meaning to just give it a try even though any attempt to win can give you more understanding about the opponent and you can prepare yourself better for next time.

However, regardless if it is a challenge or a competition, there will always be at least one competitor or some kind of a goal. Everyone is not able to perform like other people with better results and that is why it is important to get rid of the fear or press in case of some challenge. Some challenges should be done for fun only, but some of them can be taken seriously if we know that we can manage them with better performance.

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