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Written by: A.Beganovic on August 9, 2023.

Graz - a city close to Slovenia

Graz - a city close to Slovenia. If you decide to visit this specific country you simply have to visit this city. Let us inspire you also this time.

How often do you think about the position of a city? Not often, I guess, but if you do it, maybe that can affect your opinion about the city. The probability of thinking differently about the city becomes bigger.

As an author and owner of this magazine, I have decided to write a reportage about Graz, an Austrian city close to Slovenia.

After a long car trip from northern Germany we finally reached Austria. A rainy weather made the trip through this nice country very unpleasant and boring. We drove into Graz late that day and we successfully checked in to our hotel. We do not have perfect photos just because we do not want to reveal too much.

Graz from above. The view from Schloßberg just close to the Graz old town.

The hotel has a very nice position. It is not an absolute central point but it is around 10 minutes walk towards the river Mur in the heart of the city. The street called Annenstraße leads us from the hotel to the city center. There is also a tram so you can take it instead of walking if you wish that. Bikes are also very popular in the city.

Graz city. The street Annenstraße leads us from the hotel to the city center.

What can we find on the left side of the river Mur? We came to the river and went over the bridge called Erzherzog-Johann-Brücke where we met a very good friend. Actually he is my friend from the childhood. Well, when they parked the bikes just outside the p-house called Parkgarage Kastner & Öhler we continued further together.

The clock tower called Uhrturm at Schloßberg just above the Graz old town.

Schloßberg and the old city

We decided to take the Castle Hill Railway (Schloßbergbahn) and in some minutes we reached the top of Schloßberg which is the little hill just close to the Graz old town. From the top the view was very nice. We could see almost the whole city. There was a big restaurant and also an old building with some event inside.

Walking down from the top we saw a big clock tower called Uhrturm and it is actually a sign of Graz. From the middle part of the hill to the bottom it is possible to slide down in Schlossbergrutsche which is the highest underground slide worldwide and it is something very attractive for kids. Also grown ups can do it if they wish.

The Schloßberg from the Schloßbergplatz close to the Graz old town.

On the bottom of the Schloßberg there is a street which takes us to the old city and Hauptplatz. Many people and trams give a wonderful feeling of being in a nice city. Also there is the oldest building in Graz. We just saw it from the outside and it was worth being there.

The oldest building in Graz at Schloßbergplatz.


Graz is relatively close to Slovenia which means that there are many people from the former Yugoslav republics. The school system is also adapted to that fact and there is a class called B/K/S which offers learning Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian in the same package. Those languages are actually originally from Serbo Croatian language.

Graz - one of the streets in the city. There are similarities with Salzburg city.

Last year we visited Salzburg and we must say that Graz has similarities with that city. The buildings in both cities look similar and just like in Salzburg they also give a feeling of some southern city also in Graz. And we mean some city close to some coast on the Adriatic or Mediterranean sea.

We hope that this article has inspired you. Take the opportunity and visit Graz.

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