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Written by: Magazine Team on November 25, 2023.

Snow warranty and skiing plans

Snow warranty and skiing plans. Is this subject about compensation or a possibly destroyed pleasure? A lifestyle is not about money only - it is a needed passion.

Soon it is time for winter again. It is time for some fun time in snow. Every skier is happy when the winter time offers much snow. Great and white slopes with a perfect white surrounding environment is simply a perfect dream that must be realized.

The last season was not as everyone hoped. Many ski resorts in Europe had problems because of the lack of snow. There is also one which is closed for future skiing. It is a small ski resort in southern Sweden and we mentioned it in: Vallåsen - no more skiing.

However, northern parts of Sweden maybe still offer nice snow opportunities. Everyone can hope to get some nice rides but hoping is not enough. Therefore, ski resorts offer something called snow warranty. We have checked rules about it.

Snow warranty and skiing plans. The screenshot is from branas.se.

If we take a look at e.g. Branäs ski resort, their rule is that it is possible to get money back or do a new booking instead if there is not enough snow for at least two pistes. They have several pistes and their goal is to guarantee at least two open pistes. If the weather is not perfect, many ski resorts have snow machines. Branäs has also those and on their website it is easy to follow their snow production.

The solution with snow warranty sounds very good but it will never be able to replace the planned trip and skiing. Getting money back sounds good but someone who loves skiing would probably be happier with a proper ski experience.

A lifestyle is not about money only - it is a needed passion. Therefore, a compensation maybe does not always help.

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